Monterey Car Week-Day 3; Casa Ferrari

Casa Ferrari in Carmel Highlands 2015

On Day Three in Monterey, CA after perusing the auction cars we took a drive down picturesque Route 1 in Carmel Highlands to Casa Ferrari.  In Italy at Fiorano, within the perimeter of the racetrack, Enzo built a house for himself, which is still kept intact including the office where he worked. Ferrari North America (FNA) created an attraction in Carmel simulating Enzo Ferrari’s house on the Fiorano racetrack for its customers and Ferrari fans to visit during Monterey Car week.

We pulled our Ferrari 250 GT/E into the Pit Stop, which offered a full-service gas station complete with attendants in old-school service station regalia. Meguiar people were on-hand offering to polish one’s car with their fine products. The Ferrari General Store offered select Ferrari merchandise such as shirts, jackets, and leather bags. We then we had the best Italian Espresso and tiny cookies at the Enzo Caffé.

The new twin turbo 488 GTB, an FF, an F12 Berlinetta and a Cal T were on hand for test drives. On the Piazza a classic vintage Ferrari – certified by Ferrari Classiche – was exhibited. Cool stuff indeed.

Pictures from Casa Ferrari in Carmel

Ferrari 250 GT/E parked at Casa Ferrari

Our Ferrari 250 GT/E parked at Casa Ferrari in Carmel


phone booth - casa ferrari



attendant - casa ferrari

This young lad is long on style


casa ferrari

How charming is this? Nicely done FNA


ferrari sign at maranello

Which way to Maranello?


blue 1954 Ferrari 500 Mondial Spider PF - casa ferrari

1954 Ferrari 500 Mondial Spider PF. It’s restoration was just finished by the Ferrari Classiche Department


silver grigio ferrari 488 gtb - casa ferrari

The new twin turbo Ferrari 488 GTB in silver grigio at Casa Ferrari in Carmel


silver grigio ferrari 488 gtb - casa ferrari

The rear quarter of the Ferrari 488 GTB with distinctive lines and vents. Very sharp


engine in the garden at casa ferrari

An engine as centerpiece in the garden at Casa Ferrari. Enjoy an espresso and a biscuit while optioning your new Cal T


red and silver Ferrari 250 GT/E's - casa ferrari

Making friends; two Ferrari 250 GT/E’s


silver Ferrari 250 gte and blue ferrari la Ferrari - casa ferrari

Old school vs New school 12 cylinder Ferraris. At the Hyatt Hotel in Monterey. What do you think about that blue on the LF? The interior was a light cream with the same blue piping


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