Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance

Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance 2016

The Amelia Island Concours is held each March on the fairways of The Golf Club of Amelia Island, FL. This has become a respected and well-attended four day car event with lots going on. RM Sotheby’s, Goodings and Bonhams hold auctions, various manufacturers give test drives,  there are automobilia merchants, exhibitors (Bentley, BMW, BMW Group Classic, Brumos, Buick, Ferrari, Infiniti, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Maserati, McLaren, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche), book signings, and the Concours.

A featured marque this year was the Spanish manufactured Pegaso, also known as Pegazo. Originally and primarily a manufacturer of trucks, Pegaso built less than a hundred Z-102 sports cars in the 1950s. Nearly twenty Pegasos were on hand for the Amelia Island Concours, and one rare beauty won Best-in-Show.

Pictures and clever commentary below are courtesy of very knowledgeable car enthusiast and good friend Scott Crater.  Scott has a slight affinity (affliction?) for BMW’s and Alfas.  Can’t fault his taste at all.

Amelia Island Concours

green Lamborghini miura - amelia island concours

One of several Miuras at the Lamborghini stand. Proof that they don’t make them like they used to


red 1951 Cooper MG - amelia island concours

This car is not Italian! It is a 1951 Cooper MG special built and bodied in England in the style of a Ferrari Barchetta


Janis Joplin's Porsche 356 - amelia island concours

Janis Joplin's Porsche 356 - amelia island concours

Janis Joplin’s Porsche 356. She commissioned one of her roadies, Dave Roberts, to give it a psychedelic paint job which he titled ‘The History of the Universe’


red Alfa Romeo 1900 - amelia island concours

Not a Ferrari, but an Alfa 1900, which to my eye looks like a 3/4 scale model of a Boano bodied Ferrari 250


white doretti - amelia island concours

The Doretti; an English American hybrid with a fake Italian name. The wife of one of its creators was named Dorothy or something along those lines. They named the car after her


red Nash Healey - amelia island concours

The Nash-Healey; another English American hybrid. Bodied in England by Panelcraft. Later cars were done by Pininfarina. This example was the very first car produced.  A Nash-Healey ran in the Mille Miglia and finished strong in the early 50s


sam posey and donald osbourne - amelia island concours

The esteemed Sam Posey. He raced sports cars, Trans Am, Formula cars. And he did some fantastic broadcasting work at hundreds of races. Most recently he did the opening montage of the F1 broadcasts. Neurological disease has curtailed his work lately. Here he is working as a judge with Donald Osborne from Sports Car Market Magazine and TV


red cisitalia - amelia island concours

Cisitalia 202; one of the breakthrough designs of the late 1940’s.  One is part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York


silver BMW 3.0 CSL - amelia island concours

BMW 3.0 CSL displayed by Vintage Sports and Racing of Bow, NH. They recently finished the restoration. The car was invited to participate in a special display of significant BMWs in honor of the 100th anniversary of the company


blue 1930 BMW - amelia island concours

1930 BMW from Mike Sheehan of


white BMW 503 - amelia island concours

This stunning BMW 503 comes from San Jose, CA. The lady owner is in the hat at right (also stunning-ed.)


BMW 2002 turbo - amelia island concours

BMW 2002 Turbo of Scott Hughes, the founder of BMW Club Racing


red BMW M1 - amelia island concours

BMW M1 of Scott Hughes. The cars were assembled in part by Lamborghini


white 1937 BMW 328 - amelia island concours

1937 BMW 328 of Dirk DeGroen of Miami


red BMW 507 - amelia island concours

BMW 507. One of about 250 built. 3.2 L V8. Elvis had one in Germany when he was in the army there


white bmw 700 - amelia island concours

The cars of Hans Joachim Stuck were featured this year. This one, however, was raced by Hans Stuck, Sr when HJ was just a boy. It was a hill climb car based on the BMW 700. Air cooled BMW twin like the ones from the bikes. The car did very well in its class. It has no generator, just a battery. Therefore it could only be driven a few miles uphill before the battery ran out! Owned today by Rey, who has a massive, seldom seen, collection of significant BMWs in a California warehouse


bmw 3.0 csl race car - amelia island concours

BMW 3.0 CSL race car from Steve Walker of Oregon. This very car won the Touring Car championship in Europe


Cord L 29 - amelia island concours

Cord L 29


yellow pegaso best-in-show - amelia island concours

yellow pegaso best-in-show - amelia island concours

yellow pegaso best-in-show - amelia island concours

Best of Show, Sporting Cars. Pegaso “Cupola” Coupe once own by Rafael Trujillo, dictator of the Domincan Republic. Not a nice man. But a huge car guy. Pegaso produced less that 100 cars in the life of the company. About 20 percent of the output of the company was on display. This car comes from the Louwman Museum in the Netherlands


blue pegaso carbs - amelia island concours

Crazy carbs in a Pegaso


red alfa giulietta 1300 - amelia island concours

Alfa Giulietta 1300. Sebring class winner in 1957


silver 1933 alfa romeo - amelia island concours

1933 Alfa Romeo that took third in the Mille Miglia



Never seen one: Steyr 220A from Peter Boyle of Oil City, PA



white bmw 503 - amelia island concours

Gorgeous details of the BMW 503


his and hers hispano suizas - amelia island concours

His and hers Hispano Suizas. These cars were immense



1946 alfa romeo - amelia island concours

Up from the rubble of war. 1946 Alfa Romeo with custom coach work


Ferrari 365 GTS - amelia island concours

Ferrari 365 GTS from Larry Page of Virginia (not the founder of Google). One of 20. His brother owns one of the other ones


amelia island concours

They always have a class for oddball cars. This was the oddest. See video of it being driven below

Some cool videos that Scott took at Amelia….

Amelia video

Amelia traffic jam


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