Ferrari 488 GTB Unveiling

The Ferrari 488 GTB Unveiled at local Ferrari Dealer

Car unveilings are usually fun; a first hand view of a new product, glitz and dazzle to present it, and pretty shiny people dressed to impress who may, but several clearly do not, know cars at all. Sometime I shall write a post just on the shoes worn to these events. Interesting stuff on both genders.

I first saw the Ferrari 488 GTB in Montreal in June 2015 during Gran Prix weekend.  Edwin Fenech, President and CEO of Ferrari NA spoke passionately about the twin turbos in the 488, and promised that even die-hard fans of naturally aspirated engines would be impressed.  Though Ferrari is officially exempt from average CO2 targets constraining the bigger manufacturers, turbocharging is the only realistic way for Ferrari to raise efficiency and lower emissions.  It is doubtful the 488 could have achieved the 100 hp increase over the 458 Italia with a naturally aspirated V8.

There were several Ferrari 488 GTB cars during  Monterey Car Week at Casa Ferrari available for test drives, a silver and a yellow. A black/black 488 GTB arrived at Ferrari of New England in Norwood, MA for the unveiling. The exhaust sound is not the typical turbo high-pitched whine. It’s throatier, lower, not quite as sexy as the 458, but not at all shabby. It is sedate enough to be driveable, though I like a bit more roar in the rear.

The new Ferrari 488 GTB (Gran Turismo Berlinetta) has a twin-turbo 3.9-liter V-8 engine, that produces 661 hp and launches the car 0-60 mph in 3.0 secs.  Kerb weight is 3252 lbs. (22 lbs less than the 458 Italia) and the 7 gear F1 dual clutch transmission revs up to 8000 rpm (the F458 revs to 9000).  The 488 also up-shifts 30 percent faster, and down-shifts 40 percent faster.   The body style integrates the blow-through rear spoiler, active diffuser, and double-height front splitter which improve down-force by 50 percent. In summary; it’ll be quick and easy to get in trouble.

The Ferrari 488 GTB was launched in February 2015 before the March Geneva Auto Show.  MSRP is estimated at about $250K, but unlikely one will leave any dealer bare-bones at that price. Once a few options get ticked expect into the $350K+ range. Several Ferrari 488 GTB cars have been delivered in Europe, and are expected to hit the ground for US customers any day now. The 488 Spider debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2015 and will be delivered starting in 2016.

Read more specifications  or config your own Ferrari 488 GTB at Ferrari 488GTB

Pictures from the Ferrari 488 GTB Unveiling

red ferrari 488 gtb key fob

For the first time in a Ferrari, the 488 GTB’s key, itself inspired by the shape of the V8’s intake plenums, features keyless start


covered ferrari 488 gtb

The Ferrari 488 GTB all covered up and heavily guarded


jesse berger gm of fone - ferrari 488 gtb

Jesse Berger, General Manager of Ferrari of New England, gives us a rundown on the Ferrari 488 GTB


ferrari 488 gtb

video of the ferrari 488 gtb

A video of the Ferrari 488 GTB at Fiorano


unveiling of the ferrari 488 gtb

unveiling of the ferrari 488 gtb

unveiling of the ferrari 488 gtb

unveiling of the ferrari 488 gtb

unveiling of the ferrari 488 gtb

The unwrapping


Ferrari 488 GTB in black/black

And there it is; the Ferrari 488 GTB in black/black


Here are more pictures of the Ferrari 488 GTB unveiling from Ferrari of New England


blu corsa ferrari 488 spider

And a sneak peak of the Ferrari 488 Spyder


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