Monterey Car Week-Day 6; Concorso Italiano

Monterey Car Week; Concorso Italiano 2015

Saturday was an early start at Black Horse Golf Club in Monterey Bay for Concorso Italiano. We showed the Ferrari 250 GT/E with 22 others GTE’s and Ferrari 330 Americas for our historic GTE reunion. Fortunately we had the hauler with our northeast cars drop off at the club  the night before. It worked out very well. All we had to do was uncover them in the a.m. and then search for coffee.

Concorso Italiano has changed venues over the years; various golf courses and even one unfortunate and windy year at the Monterey airport.  This year was by far the best Concorso Italiano to date; very well organized  from both a participant and spectator point of view, nicely displayed  cars and motorcycles, and an excellent selection of Italian vehicles to peruse from vintage to new.

Nearly 1000 Italian street and race cars and motorcycles  were on the field including Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Alfa Romeos, Bizzarrinis, Panteras, Fiats, Maseratis, Pagani, and a few other marques. The vendors were top-notch; an interesting assortment of automobile-related merchants that had steady traffic throughout the day. The layout was thoughtful, highlighting the numerous vintage cars on display, but also allowing one to have a good closeup of some newer Italian beauties.

One component I’d scrap is the ‘Ladies Lounge’, some concept of a retreat for women who are done looking at cars. Tired of cars and motorcycles? Italian makes at that? I can’t compute. The idea of a place for non-enthusiasts to take a break from the sun is one thing. Not wanting to be at a car show at all is another. Nix it.

Other than that odd distraction, this year Concorso was one of the many highlights of Monterey Car Week. The Best in Show went to a lovely 1961 Ferrari 250 Short Wheel Base.

Pictures from Concorso Italiano

Ferrari 250 GTE's are on the field - concorso italiano

Ferrari 250 GTE’s are on the field


More Ferrari 250 GTE's - concorso italiano

More Ferrari 250 GTE’s


ferrari daytonas - concorso italiano

Ferrari Daytonas as far as the eye can see. This beauty on the end is a 1972 365 GTB/4


red Ferrari 275 GTS - concorso italiano

Ferrari 275 GTS at the head of the line


blue 1965 Ferrari 275 GTS, blue Ferrari 308, Ferrari 275 GTB, white Ferrari 365 GTB and a red Ferrari 365 GTC - concorso italiano

From R-L: 1965 Ferrari 275 GTS, Ferrari 308, Ferrari 275 GTB, Ferrari 365 GTB and a Ferrari 365 GTC


red and yellow 2003 Ferrari Enzos - concorso italiano

Wings up on the 2003 Ferrari Enzos


matching red leather jacket and ferrari 250 gte interior - concorso italiano

Paula”s red leather jacket is made from the same red leather of the Ferrari 250 GT/E’s interior. Stunning

red leather interior on the 250 GT/E - concorso italiano

A close-up of the same red leather interior on the 250 GT/E

Vintage luggage Ferrari 250 GT/E - concorso italiano

Vintage luggage nicely accessorizes this Ferrari 250 GT/E

Series III Ferrari 250 GT/E in white/red - concorso italiano

Series III Ferrari 250 GT/E gorgeous in white/red


ferrari kimono - concorso italiano

This lovely woman from Tokyo made her Kimono with images of the 20+ Ferraris that she claims to own. Why not? Nice

ferrari kimono - concorso italiano

cavallino purse - concorso italiano

A Cavallino purse. Ferrari SpA, get on this


concorso italiano

Discussing the finer points of vintage car ownership


red Ferrari 308's - concorso italiano

Ferrari 308’s


red Ferrari 360's - concorso italiano

Ferrari 360’s


white Ferrari 348 - concorso italiano

Ferrari 348 stands out in white


Ferrari 355's - concorso italiano

Ferrari 355’s


red 1957 Ferrari 250 GT Boano - concorso italiano

1957 Ferrari 250 GT Boano


red 1966 Ferrari 275 GTS - concorso italiano

1966 Ferrari 275 GTS


blue 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4 - concorso italiano

1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4


maroon 1965 Ferrari 275 GTB - concorso italiano

1965 Ferrari 275 GTB


red 1969 Ferrari Dino 206 GT - concorso italiano

1969 Ferrari Dino 206 GT

The interior of the Dino 206 - concorso italiano

The interior of the Dino 206


grey Ferrari Supercars la ferrari and enzo - concorso italiano

His and Hers Ferrari Supercars; La Ferrari and Enzo


silver ferrari 250 gte -concorso italiano

Our 1962 Ferrari 250 GT/E in the group of GTE’s and 330 Americas


blue 1966 ISO Grifo - concorso italiano

1966 ISO Grifo


red vintage Alfa Romeos - concorso italiano

A fantastic row of vintage Alfa Romeos


silver 1963 ISO Grifo A3/L Prototype - concorso italiano

1963 ISO Grifo A3/L Prototype


white 1963 ISO Grifo A3/C Continuation - concorso italiano

1963 ISO Grifo A3/C Continuation


red 1968 ISO Grifo - concorso italiano

1968 ISO Grifo


silver 1963 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider - concorso italiano

1963 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider


lamborghinis - concorso italiano

Lambo stampede


maroon A Ferrari 458 Spyder and ferrari 250 GTE's - concorso italiano

A new Ferrari 458 Spyder schooling the old 250 GTE’s


orange Maserati Trofeo - concorso italiano

A Maserati Trofeo, essentially a Maserati Challenge Car

wing on the Trofeo - concorso italiano

Excellent wing on the Trofeo


250GTE taken by Andrew

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